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Climate crisis – how can I help?

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With dire warnings of rising global temperatures and urgent calls for governments to take action, it may feel like the future of the planet is out of your hands. But environmentalists say individuals can take their own small steps to help keep a global rise in temperature below the 1.5C target (compared to pre-industrial levels).

1) Rising populations and higher incomes worldwide, could increase the environmental impact of the food system. Changing your diet could help limit climate change, water scarcity and pollution.

Cutting down on red meat reduces your carbon footprint significantly as livestock farming causes more environmental harm than arable.

Some researchers suggest going vegan is better for the planet than flying less or buying an electric car.

Halving the amount of wasted food would cut the environmental impacts of agriculture by 16%.

It requires industry-led changes but campaigners say you can do your bit by buying only what you need.

2) Transport has a major impact on global emissions so the way you get around could be important.

Using public transport, walking, cycling or driving electric cars can help reduce transport emissions.

3) Using a washing line instead of a tumble dryer to dry clothes reduces energy consumption.

But this may depend on where you live in terms of space and climate!

4) Video conferencing instead of clocking up the business travel would cut emissions from vehicles.

Or if you do travel, trains and buses can be better for the environment than planes.

5) Insulating your home helps reduce the amount of energy needed to heat it.

But downscaling to a smaller home could also make energy savings.
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