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Environmental Response

by rasat

To create a world where human beings realizing their higher natures assume their sacred role as stewards of the Earth to love, serve and protect all livings and non-living beings on the planet. To create a world where all creatures live in prosperity and harmony free from all forms of exploitation and cruelty, where their existential right to exist is enshrined in the constitution of all nations and in the hearts of all people.

Our Mission

  • To work for the all-round emancipation of all beings under the guiding principles of Neohumanism.
  • To ceaselessly endeavor to show human beings the path to higher consciousness that will lead them out of their present ills of narrowness, meanness and selfishness.
  • To create practical models of sustainable rural eco-communities where humans, animals and plants live in harmony and cooperation under the fathership/mothership of the Supreme Consciousness according to the socio-economic principles of decentralized economy and balanced growth on the three levels of existence: physical, mental and spiritual.

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